For the bakers, makers, and kitchen shakers

Creating isn’t always perfect. Or polished. It’s messy. Real. Intimidating. Like flour on the floor, grease on your face, kitchen combat zone real. 

But you got this. Yes, you. 

And we're here with you every step of the way. From creating and perfect recipes to sharing them with others.


Flouwr was born out of our own need for tracking our culinary experiments. For those of you always striving to perfect your recipes through endless tweaking and testing – we get you!

Why keep your delicious creations to yourself when you put so much heart into them? That's why we've created a range of greeting cards, labels, stickers, and tags to beautifully wrap up your culinary delights for sharing with others.

Let's talk about food allergies – we all know someone in our lives affected by them. And if you don't, well, now you do. Our goal is to make it easy and safe to share homemade treats. Our stationery items feature sections to highlight any allergens present in your dishes, ensuring your loved ones, friends, and colleagues can indulge without worry.