Flour Power Baked Goods Allergy Tags & Cards



Bake it, wrap it, and put on the perfect finishing touch with Flour Power Baked Goods Gift Tags & Cards! These labels, cards and hang tags are a great way to give your homemade edible gifts an extra special touch. Whether you're selling your baking creations or giving them away as gifts, these tags & cards will make sure everyone knows how amazing your baked goods are. Plus they let people know important information such as allergy details and storage tips.

Save yourself precious time when preparing your gifting with this all-in-one set of 8 adhesive labels, 5 hang tags, and 5 cards. The fun designs add a clever twist to the packaging process – it's like adding icing on your cake! 

Each set includes:

  • Two sheets of 8 high-quality adhesive labels
  • 4 hang tags
  • 4 cards (4x6) Envelopes included

Labels and tags include protective coating to protect from splashes and spills. Please only use a permanent marker to prevent smudging.