Cram It In Your Pie Hole Baked Goods Allergy Tags & Cards



Do you love to bake? Want to share your goodies but don’t feel like explaining all the details? This baking goods stationary set is perfect for every baking enthusiast. With a bit of sass, this set comes with everything you need to share your sweet treats.

Each set includes:

  • Two sheets of 8 high-quality adhesive labels
  • 4 hang tags
  • 4 cards (4x6) Envelopes included
You can stick the labels on any container or gift bag without ruining the presentation. Add the hang tags on jars and containers full of delicious goodness. The cards provide a section to include allergen information as well as extra tips for storing and best way to enjoy your delicious creations.

Fun and totally unique, you can show off your baking skills while posing a chuckle at the same time. Embrace your inner baker and let Cram It In Your Pie Hole do all the talking so you can enjoy simply handing over homemade treats for any occasion.

Labels and tags include protective coating to protect from splashes and spills. Please only use permanent marker to prevent smudging.